Monday, March 29, 2010

married??goin out from ma mind!!

salam..hurm, a bit boring today coz i don't have a class for, juz short update for ma entry today..quite sad coz ma banner for ETR 300 already gone, is all bout ma lappy yg wat hal..then, got to format it. GERAM SGT GAN KAMU! but, xdala geram sgt..

ma lappy syg : kamula yg bnyk berjasa gan you most!!

hurm, title is afraid a lot through ma body!always ma mind, n it is will come true..juz now br je bkk aizul marcello pnyer blog,,his blog so awesome, a wedding photographer!ade style la..looking for his own capture for his client. start thinking is it my make up wedding gonnal like this??

aizul's clien, cantik an? is it i will like this..eceh, nk jgk

act, the make up its depend to the mak andam rite?cne dia tatap rias our face supaya jadi lg berseri or x..really?but ade certain mak andam yg mmg xikhlas nk make up dat bride,,cian btul dat bride, dahla hottest moment in their life, sklai muka plka xlawa plak ble di solek..asih, xberbaloi btul ble da byr the lesson today, kena ckp btul2 gan mak andam tu makeup yg mcm mn yg kite nk..

mak andam vs pak andam
hah, whose wanna agree wif this statement..act, da lm da whose gonna married will confuse either wanna choose mak andam or pak andam??ade yg ckp mak andam suka makeup kan tbl2, mcm opera cina, n pak andam pulak makeup diorang natural..but, for me, we should thinking which one is out priority and comfortablity..mmn yg kita selesa..

xsemua pak andam tu makeup natural, nk nmpkkan wajah asli kita, n not all mak andam makeup tbl2..skrang nipun bnyk krsus2 yg diotang ley pg tuk mntpkan dioprang pnyer skill..
so, its depend to the ind to evaluate its, for make a choice..of course, during our wedding time we need the best makeup artist to make our wedding is, just take a look which one thebest!
the photographer is gud!credit for him_:)

last but not least, i give u an opinion for all IMS student who wanna go for dinner dis nite!
ala2 pelakon hindustan gituh, act the custom is not important but our spirit to support our besh n knl satu sama lain, closely each it?saya, hny berpakaian bese je, coz really hard to find the baju..xsba nk tgk kengkwan yg akan melaram n 4 those yg cantk2!

truly say's
marelfira mahamud


  1. wah! nak kawen sudah, berangan best tue... uhu..

    mmmm, kamu tempah makeup kris dayanti jek,, =P

  2. syg kuh marel...
    if nk tawen 2...
    jgn la lpe jemput kite nie yer...

  3. fid : tau xpe, berangan jauh plak tuh..
    xmola, kris dayanti makeup sgt tebal tau

  4. wani: mstila marel jemput, sume dak plkn nnt kena dtg tau!

  5. john : aik, kita xkawin ag lar..huhu