Sunday, March 28, 2010

my mood is hepy!

salam mood is hepy,,y i feel like dat?of course br je pulang dr umah!
hati ni sgt sdey ble kena plg ke jogor, but one thing niat untuk blja sgt tinggi!chewah, smgt gituh..

hurm, sy pulang dpt jumpa insan2 tersyg : abah, mak,k.long, k.ngah, adk n also 'incik hanif'..
one thing dpt hang out gan cila..n td cila n ct anta sy..huhu..

things to note :

thurs nite : meet ma 'incik hanif', location : mamak's stall (love this)
friday : hang out wif ma incik, location : mines, mid valley n danau kota
satrday : hang out wif cila, location : pesta buku (PWTC), time square
sunday : already at hostel, location : uitm tercinta

thanx for those make me hepy, always be ma side!!

things to note for this week :

got presentation on tuesday : financial management
wednesday : final draft for ETR300
thursday : test IMD 352

MARELFIRA, its time for u serius 4 all this things..2 more final project dat need to be finish!u can do it dear..

truly say's:
marelfira mahamud

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