Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ku ingat sumenyer,,,!!

hai, see u again ma dearest blog, always be ma side forever..just a bit story bout the IMS DINNER last nite..so far, is awesome event coz bollywood theme..so, kat dewan mmg lgu hindustan sgt best..kbtlan i'm one of the person yg fanatik sgt dgn crita, lagu n plkon hndustan..hee..about de dress i wore, mgkn xperlu nk beli, n aksesori yg melarat, nsbla k.long pnjmkan dr kwan dia..act, i really don't like purple, but had to wear it..ukuran bdn agak sama, so sng xah nk alter that dress..hahe..

the pic's:

wif atin : mmg dia mcm nk bertunang mlm tuh, sgt lawa..lain dr yg lain!

mia, de bomb wif green!siap ade nandred agi..hee, btulke sy eja nih..hehe
ma buddy forever : love them so much!

thanx everyone especially for ma clsmates, being together around 3 years, ketawa sm2, suka sama2, ssh sm2..i really mis the moment!

"ma luvly clsmate ever"

p/s : don't forget each other, keep in touch n one thing kawin jgn lp ajak k!

truly say's:
marelfira mahamud

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