Monday, May 24, 2010

by now, i know what is right or wrong..

salam to update, its been 2 days blog ni,sy bkkla my blog, then kat chat box sy ade 2 msg from my clsmate, tiqah..she says about my latest entry which is de sanggul. this issue act tgh hangat diperkatakan, most of the blog always talk bout this. its normal, each of person may have their own opinion, perception bout what had read..

now, i know what is right or wrong. n ape yg prlu br je bc tiqahnyer blog,then, she say's wat is so serious bout this issue. n, deeply from my heart i should really thanx for her to explain it well bout this matter. n i know exactly wat is happend..

btul org ckp, SHARING IS CARING..yg baik itu dtg dari ALLH SWT dan yg buruk itu dtg drpd saya sendiri..n one thing wanna share wif u guys, i post this entry act just wanna share wif everyone the current issue, not judge everybody wat is happened,wat I'm really says sincere from my heart just to find the solution tentang ape yg mengelirukan sy.

for those, who wanna know bout this issue, do visit ma frenz, tiqah's blog. n do read ya..
for sure, finally u got de answer.

islam itu tidak membebankan umat islam, Biarlah bersederhana. Jangan pakai kaedah sadd al-dhari'ah secara membuta tuli tanpa asas pengetahuan yang kukuh.(i like this words).


truly say's
marelfira mahamud