Tuesday, March 16, 2010

seminar is great, actually!

its me again.marelfira, just updating my entry. not to story enough, its awesome to tell you wat is happning in this seminar.best sgg2t, maybe for starting, juz a bit boring but remind blik psl sejarah.terkebil2 mata nk ingat blik.THanx a LOT to pengarah arkib cwgn johor yg sudi hadir.

seriusly, for the 1st time dpt th should attend the seminar, firstly going out from ma mind is 'bored n sleepy'.but during this seminar, about an hour ago, seminar ni mkin sronok.got many input bout the rcd mngment n the mgt of record center.sgt best,

bertmbah lg sronok, ble sy suka bertny soalan, sgt gemar!sapai ade junior part 4 says 'adusss, kak marel lagi' hee.jeles la tuh.hehe, for those yg bc jgn mrh yer.

n the sminar end bout 5.30pm, n really hungry coz seharian dlm LT tuh..hurm, one thing mmg ma buts sudah kematu n pnggang yg skit sgt coz duduk dalam keadaan yg sgt lama.

tp, berbaloi dgn pe yg kita dpt wif ksakitan yg dialami.

the pic's:

me besthie forever.really love them de way they are, always be ma site, do task together.gonna misz moment with them.n also k.pah, gonna misz u.u like ma sis always2!

fara,fatin,saya,fbi : don't forget each other, always contact even da ikut haluan masing.
them : make me laugh, excited, surprise.don't try to forget me, INGAT!

saya gan si mucuk ni, mmg xhbs2 wat muka camtuh.mn xnya,sepanjg seminar thp mengantuk dia mmg xley dikwl lagi.pe lagi sy pn xsng ddk tgk dia, kcula,pe lagi!

p/s ;
thanx to all the lectures 4 get involves, make this seminar really awesome n exciting moment!
to guys (yg rs mcm mls nk attend seminar, change ur ming bcome more exciting moment, serius better u try)

thanx also for the food(nk jgk mention)hehe

jus a little entry that giv meaning foe those who reads it

with love,
marelfira mahamud